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ROAM - multiplayer survival / sandbox

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Hey everyone, I'm the programmer and co-creator of Roam. The game's concept is simple: grab some buddies and test your mettle in a post-apocalyptic environment filled with danger. Our main design goal is to provide the player with a rich variety of fun, easy-to-use tools and mechanics which they can use to express themselves/achieve their goals in the world. Play how you want!


  • Fans of RTS/Tower defense will enjoy our base building and large-scale battles
  • Fans of MOBAS/Action RTS/Action RPGs will enjoy the fast-paced, visceral combat and variety of weapons
  • Fans of Shooters will enjoy the skill-based gunplay
  • Fans of RPGs will enjoy the exploration, NPC interaction, loot collection, and character development


You can find out more info @ our official website, including a link to our funding initiative smile.png

Thanks guys!

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