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Serpent Entertainment - Recruiting for 3D RPG [Unique!]

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Hello folks. Serpent Entertainment is a newly started game development group, who is striving to make "realistic-looking" games (3D Games).

Who are we?

Currently, it's only me. I'm taking this in slow steps as I'm recruiting whatever is needed for the current made project. I'm a texture artist, who's got a huge passion for texturing and I'm doing my best to achieve good results. Of course it will get better with time. Here are some examples.




What is the current project?

It's an action RPG like diablo 2, torchlight etc. but in 3rd person view close to the character - Like Dark Souls view. I'm avoiding any type or "copy pasting" from other games, since I want the developed game to be unique and not compared. Also I'm aware of the complexity of the game, so I'm trying to keep it fairly simple but enjoyable.

I've already written a lot of the game idea but is still in the process. More information can be given if you're interested in the project.

Who is needed?

- Everyone! BUT. Currently I'm mostly just in need of a Writer and Concept Artist to continue developing on the story.

- If you're an Artist, 3D modeler, Programmer, Something else, you're welcome to write to me.

- No need for music or sound right now.


Discord: Nafei#9413

- Or write here.

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