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    • By Anthony Cao
      Hiiii, so ive been studying marketing in my own time and I have experiments i wanna try do to past recorded strategies of other marketing strategies. Also im on Redbull, Dr Pepper and a 48 hour energy mixture soooooo excuse my preppy nature on my typing and grammer usage. 
      As far as I can see I have a theory (actually I got hundreds of these), so as far as I know a game doesnt necessarily need to be advertised to be sucessful from the content publishers themself. There are other means to counter the forceful advertisment. Yea im not speaking of reviews and playthrews to go up in search ranking and relevancy tho that is a tactic that happens on its own. 
      Sooo whats on my mind today is that online games pretty much baits the players to spend money to look smancy, now what if the fancy panties were to be grabable in game without the need to spend actual money. Then no one would spend anything right? What if i told you there is a way to trick players mentallity using this method in order to get them to spend money. Your probably thinking to yourself "go to sleep Anthony you are drunk"... Im energy high theres a different... If a function were to be available in game for free then by all means players would go the free route, now if the free route was difficult to achieve the player would quit the game and you will have a fanbase on those rage quiters (Dark Souls, and binding of isaac). If the free route was easy to perform yet very time consuming and grindy then thats more hours spent on the game. Now heres the trick, what if the option to purchase instead of grinding was available? 
      Then the players would think, would they spend a full hour trying to fetch the item, which in a working net worth terms 10$... Or would they rather spend 3$ to get the item right away. 
      [deleted by moderator]
      This weird drink mixture is making me lo key depressed. 
      Alsooo what do you think about this marketing concept... 
    • By Rhia.Abstrakt
      With my design document relatively fleshed out, my mind is turning towards starting a prototype. As they say, the first step is always the hardest. This will be my first self-driven project, and that first step is looking awfully daunting. Does anyone have any advice on where to start? I know this is a very personal choice, but I'm interested to hear how more experienced devs approach that first step in development. For example, do you start small with something like the player movement and controls? Or do you prefer to set the stage a bit first by establishing a bit of the world space?
    • By Dave Haylett
      Hi all,
      I’ve nearly finished my C# WPF project (using VS2017) and am now thinking about deployment and managing updates. This is my first time doing this, and I wanted to run my current thinking past you to see if you can help, as I don’t think my current solution will fully work. I have drawn a quick mock-up of what’s in my head at the moment (attached).
      My app needs to be able to update itself, but also to add in new content once I create it (this is in the form of small .zip files, ~100kb each, and due to the volume of these files [currently 3000, hopefully expanded up to 5000 in a years’ time] I have kept these separate from my project, i.e. not as Content). I welcome comments on this decision.
      Due to keeping the content separate, this kind of broke my initial intention of “simply” using ClickOnce deployment, and letting Windows manage the updating for me, and so I’ve been thinking of how to manage i) initial app deployment, ii) ongoing updating of the app, iii) ongoing addition of new content.
      I’m currently intending to use my *free* DropBox account to host all the files, I think this is possible. Does anyone know of any better web hosting I could use?
      If you could refer to my attached diagram, what I’m currently thinking of is:
      Deploying the initial version of the app using ClickOnce by Publishing to DropBox or wherever (my project A publishing to web host D). Users can then download the Installer from here, and install on their local machines as usual. This initial installation wouldn’t have any content (the 3000 zips) and so these would be pulled down to the local machine by the below step (the initial batch of 3000 zips would only need to be downloaded the first time the app is run, after then it’d just be new content that’d be downloaded):
      Also, I have as a second Project in my overall Solution a small Updater app, which when run by the users will connect to DropBox and pull down an xml manifest of my project files and the content (I create this manifest myself), and synchronise any files which are newer. This Updater app will be downloaded and installed by the users too. In the diagram, I publish Updater app code C to web host G, downloadable by users. Please see below question:
      Question: my main app and my updater app are two separate projects under the same Visual Studio Solution. Is it possible for me to build/publish these together so that the two executables are together in the same output (in the same folder)? The reason I have them separate is so that the main project’s executable file and any resource files can be overwritten by any new files pulled down by the Updater app without the Main app being open and locking these files out.
      The 3000-zip Content on my PC (B in the diagram) I just manually copy over to DropBox (F), and keep these up-to-date when I create new zips.
      Also, whenever I update my app code, I intend (this is probably the most painful bit) to manually copy the “\bin\release” folder contents from my PC (A) over to web host (E), so that the Updater app on user’s PCs can synchronise the executable and resource files with any newer versions I have created, without the user having to download a new version of the installer, and potentially uninstall/reinstall to go from v1 to v2 of the app.
      This above bit I think is the least possible, as I have found out that just by moving the \bin\release\ executable and resources from one location to another on my PC, it no longer works if I double-click the .exe file, it only works from the project’s original \bin\release folder  . Is this expected? In my naivety I was thinking that once the user had installed v1 of the application "properly" using ClickOnce (and therefore their PC was checked for .Net framework etc) I could then just have my Updater overwrite the .exe and other embedded resource files (like bitmaps) with updates and it’d just work. I guess this would have worked with VS2005, but not with VS2017 hey.
      So, after writing all that out, and thanks for reading this far, I guess that if it wasn’t for the 3000 zips, I could package all the above as ClickOnce, and let Microsoft manage the updating for me. I don’t fancy adding the 3000 zips to my project as Content [copy if newer] to enable this to happen, but I did fancy having a go at writing the standalone Updater package, which would synchronise the files between DropBox and the user’s PC, based on the xml manifest I create.
      Any feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated, as this community has proven invaluable to me so far

    • By Iain Knights
      When seeking a composer for your games, what is it that you will typically look for when hiring someone? What about their music makes you want to employ them? what do you look for in regards to professionality? I'm really curious as i'm seeking to get my foot in the door, but i want to know what i should be doing to impress you and get commissioned! thank you!
    • By Kai Keeper
      I finished this game a while ago, now I'm trying to make an introduction video before I put it on Steam, looking for feedback.
      I have already got some feedback from other people, and this is what they felt or some of the things I think the video doesn't do a good job: 1. I don't understand the core concept of the game. I think another video that explains the core concept of this game would be better.
      2. I feel that the video was too long, it showed way too many features.
      If you feel the same way, please let me know. If you have any other suggestions/feedback please don't hold back.
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Creating a game - blog / tutorial

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I was reading this great forum for a while and now decided to share something with this great community.

I'm a industry veteran, currently working at Ubisoft Toronto as senior engine programmer.

I'm writing a blog about creating a game in Unreal Engine. The goal is to show people the whole process of creating a game from start to finish. Obviously it's not going to be AAA game, but it's not going to be simple jam prototype either. I'm using all my knowledge and experience I gained over the years, working on titles such as The Witcher, Street Fighter, Watch Dogs and others.

I've shared some stuff already and I would love your feedback. Would you like more technical details? More theory? Specific UE4 implementations? Blueprint screenshots? C++ code? Let me know!

I will release a playable build (there is one already!) whenever there is something new worth playtesting, so you can play it yourselves and maybe it will inspire you for your own projects.

Here's link to the blog:



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Well I guess it depends on who you plan to target :)

For instance, don't know if you know about Handmade Hero , Casey Muratori documents the whole creation of his game from scratch, starting with making the game engine and he literally shows everything through video, every line of code he writes you see it and is explained by him, every Day in that link is associated with a video and he's now at Day 405, therefore that is probably the "ultimate format" to really show all that goes into the making of a game and would be perfect to train other beginner programmers since they can follow along and code the same thing and really see all the process (even though maybe kind of lenghty).

I've read your blog entries, end even though may be interesting in the long run to see how the project develops from scratch, there was really no in-depth explanation of the kind that might be very useful to a beginner programmer (I think, not that I know for sure what a beginner really need...) so my assumption is that the blog is aimed to "curious players", people that don't actually program but are kind of curious to see how is made without committing too much with in-depth technical stuff, OR at people that can already do this stuff and don't need details and are only curious to see the way you decide to do it, and that circle of people might be further restricted by the one that are actually into volleyball games I think :P

Therefore I can't really suggest anything about how the blog entries should be, the only thing I can say is that it all depends on what audience you want to target :)

Well of course, me being a total beginner, my preference would be on the more "tutorial oriented"/"show everything" kind of approach xD (but is only a preference not a request, since is probably time-consuming)

Edited by MarcusAseth

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Very cool. Like @khawk, I would like to see more technical details.

At the moment it's a very high level overview with little specific details; each entry said what you've done with a bit of the why, but almost none of the how.

Personally I'd like to read things like:

- Choice of algorithms and data structures. What were your options, and why did you choose the ones you did?

- Interesting implementation details. Pick things that are particularly interesting or note-worthy and walk through the details. Maybe show some code samples or Blueprints screenshots.

- High level design structure. How do the different pieces fit together, and why have you done it that way.


I wouldn't write about every little thing, but pick bits and pieces to cover in more depth.

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Thank you so much guys for your feedback.

In my next post this week I will cover more details and try to explain more in depth reasons for some solutions.

Stay tuned!

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