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November 2017 GameDev Challenge: Pong!

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Pong Challenge!

Make a single player Pong, with a twist. 

Horizontal rectangle video game screenshot that is a representation of a game of table tennis.


Game Requirements

  • The game must have:
    • Start screen
    • Key to return to the start screen
    • Score system
    • AI Player
    • Graphics at least for the UI and players
    • Sound effects for ball and paddle and when a player scores
    • A unique gameplay element that makes your Pong game stand out from others
  • The actual gameplay must happen on a single screen (no camera translation)

Art Requirements

  • The game must be 2D
  • The art must be your own


4 weeks - November 1, 2017 to November 30, 2017


Post on this thread your entries:

  • Link to the executable (specifying the platform)
  • Screenshots: if the screenshots are too big, post just a few, if they are small, you can post more, just don't take the entire space
  • A small post-mortem in a GameDev.net Blog, with a link posted in this thread, is encouraged, where you can share what went right, what went wrong, or just share a nifty trick
  • Source-code link is encouraged

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