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Developer Blogs

4: Adsense

Another Skin for GameDev.net

Indeed. Another skin.What you're really witnessing is an iteration toward a better, future version of GameDev.net. We've made improvements to the front-end, and next is a back-end upgrade that sets us up with better infrastructure to do some of the things we've been wanting to do for a long time.This UI upgrade isn't perfect - plenty of areas that need tw...

Update #4

Hi everyone. One thing I learned about JavaScript is that any function on any script can be called by just simply typing the name of the function. I didn't realise that all of my code was global :? Well the functions at least. So rather than starting all over and making everything closed with classes and modules I've decided to begin implementing more of...

Kickstarter/Greenlight: The answers you won't find on blogs from a real indie dev ("Mid-Mortem" Megapost)

View my original post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/5tczef/kickstartergreenlight_the_answers_you_wont_find/ I've been offering some insights lately on Kickstarters as I've been doing it myself after a year of research and currently-live myself. My Kickstarter is about 44% funded, however the trends show $5k short of our $20k goal. Ho...

New Game

Just a very quick entry today since I haven't posted for a while, to introduce my new game. Not that we have much to show yet. My vision for this project is as follows: "What do we get if we cross Super Mario 3D with a Rogue-Like?" The answer - Rogue-Like Platform Game or RPG for short. Essentially the screenshot shows that we are loading polyhedra from...

Detective Butler - Now on Steam Greenlight!

Goldbar Games is pleased to announce that Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder , our first visual novel, is now on Steam Greenlight! With only a limited time remaining before Steam Direct takes off, we're going to need your help to get our game on Steam. Originally made in 2013, we've listened to player feedback and improved various parts of the writin...

Darklands and the Black Arts of Text

This piece was originally posted on my personal website blog yesterday, though I think it'd be appropriate to put here as well due to talking about some ideas that are particularly applicable to indie games. (I'll apologize here for the state of formatting in this entry; copy & pasted text is not playing nice.) To give a bit of background to the pos...

Gym Expenses

Before we get onto the actual details of fight night, I'd like to talk some more about the details of the game outside of the actual matches. Today, I'll be discussing gym expenses. We've already gone over training expenses, trainer salaries, and trainer purse percentages, so I'll go into detail regarding the other two forms of expenses. http://media.indi...

New Trailer & Steam Greenlight Campaign!

Our new trailer is out and we've launched our Steam Greenlight campaign! ​Check them out, we'd really appreciate your Yes Vote! http://media.indiedb.com/images/articles/1/213/212087/Steam-Greenlight-Thumbs-Up.jpg

Weekly update #11

ITEM MODELS FOR WEAPONS & TOOLS Remember all those player weapons and animations we showed you BEFORE ? Well, this time I made item models for the weapons and tools the player holds in his hands. These are models with less detail and without all the fancy moving parts that you will only be able to see when you hold it in your hands and use it. Thes...

First Journal Entry and Introduction

Hello everyone! So I decided to start adding entries to my journal.My name is Faiz Abid R, an Indie Game Dev from Indonesia. I have been working on indie games since 2015.. but I have never finished a single project! And now I'm working on this project, and I hope I can finish it and release it. I have no money right now.. so I'm depending on this pro...

I am overburdened, monsters and mods.

Hi there!  Small update this time. Been working on wrapping up all the remaining core features, but got a bit sidetracked so I'm going to write a little about level editing too besides monsters + I'm trying out yet another video setup.  This video is the most condensed so far, focusing exclusively on last week's development and showcasing gamepl...

After 3 years, an artist has joined me.

After 3 years of working alone, I have hired an artist to work with me on the game. The pros : - I was able to work the game at my own pace (i. e. very slow) and just focus on programming, without being distracted/worried about leading an entire team. - I could change, scratch and toss away work. Redo entire levels without worrying of wasting someone...

Back to the Jungle

I decided to get back to work on my (extremely long running development, "duke nukem forever" style ) jungle game, after 7 months gap. As is always the nature of returning to something after a long gap, I found myself trying to remember how the thing worked (this normally takes a while to get back into the codebase). With fresh eyes I realised tha...

Armageddon Chess

*** *** *** Pirate Dawn Universe *** *** ***   “The ultimate goal of commercial game design is to solve the equation 1 + 1 = Chess.” – Marc “Kavik Kang” Michalik (2005) This developers diary is devoted to the Pirate Dawn Universe. This gaming universe has been under development for over 20 years now. I am approaching 50, and even making the game...

Creating assets for a nature scene - a 6 part Blender YouTube tutorial

Creating assets for a nature scene - a 6 part Blender YouTube tutorial   Found this on YouTube - very informative. 

Added My Third Hobby Game

So, I sat down to see what this MonoGame thing was all about. I used to mess with XNA back around version 2. Well, I have to say...I liked it. Easy to get up and running. Joust was one of my favorite games from the 80's. [ Here ] is a link to my hobby remake version. (follow to google drive download location) https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-eUSa_IW_...

1 Room RPG Jam

Creating games in WPF might be nice - as I was already familiar with its features, due to its extensive usage in my daily work. I knew however that sooner or later I would have to learn using some kind of "real" game engine - just to explore what kind of features I am missing, and to change my mindset (obviously the way in which one designs and creates an...

Adding MSAA and stream output support

Since my last entry I've added support for more of Direct3D12's features to my framework, which are: Cube and cube array textures. The implementation of these isn't notably different from the other texture types, so I don't plan to delve into these. Mipmaps for all the texture types (including cube and cube array). I'll talk briefly about these in a momen...

BOATMATH 2: Boat Harder

In my last post I showed off an extremely early version of a project in which a simple boat could be constructed from triangular surfaces. Since then I've made a lot of progress in all aspects of the game. https://youtu.be/HPf-msz0wXo New features/improvements include: "Design" and "Simulation" modes split into separate levels Design mode now ha...

Making of Ash of Gods # 2

All the joy and pain of game development from the horse’s mouth in the second installment of our developer diaries.

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