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Classic RPG #1 - Task 2

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Previous Task: https://www.gamedev.net/blog/1376/entry-2254015-classic-rpg-1-task-1/

So Task 1 was a bit hectic, as ideas kept flowing in! I did finish the basic design I was looking for. You can perform the following actions as displayed:
  • Attack
  • Cast Spell
  • Character
  • Inventory
  • Camp
  • Journal
I’m trying to keep the graphics as ‘classic’ looking as possible!

Posted Image

Task 2:

Today’s Task is pretty simple! Document what I need to design the world/level builder. As there are a lot of areas to explore, simply hard coding the maps would be too time consuming, not to mention a pain when adding, or removing sections of a map.

I’ve been well known on my private projects for developing Level Editors, and various Tools.

Today’s Goals:
  • Create a Design Document for the World/Level Builder

Thank you for reading!

Twitter: @Black_Rook_Dev

Jan 12 2012 08:29 AM
Hey, looking good! :D

Very nice progress too.

I'm working on a simalar project so it's fun to follow yours :P
Jan 12 2012 07:04 PM
Thanks! I hope your project is going good! Do you have a link?
Jan 13 2012 02:10 PM
Hi Black-Rook,

I see you've done some level-editors yourself in the past, and I have as well, but don't over look using an external tool for doing this. The last 2 games I made where I created my own editor, I realized later I could have used external tools that would've increased my development time, and they were typically better tools to boot! In my case, one was a tile-based game, and I should've used Tiled or Mappy, and the other used a free-form level, and I should've used Gleed2d (and did in my next project).

Of course, you could really enjoy making a level/world editor, and, if so, then have at it!

Good Luck!
Jan 14 2012 09:28 AM
It's going well thanks =) But I'm not keeping a journal, it's only a sideproject that I work on when I get time over from uni.

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