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Classic RPG #1 - Task 4 - Update 1

Posted by , in Classic RPG #1 05 August 2012 · 1,136 views

Previous Entry - Task 4: https://www.gamedev.net/blog/1376/entry-2254481-classic-rpg-1-task-4/


Task 4 - Update 1

Hello everyone! I've almost completed all of Task 4! You can watch my video below just to get a quick sneak preview of the basic inventory screen and one test map.


I'm looking at completing the item class and having a fully working inventory within a week from now!

Stay tuned!

wow... lots of work. Looking good.
Looks nice, just started reading this journal, will the combat be turn based?
Thanks for the comments! The combat will be turn based, but include some nice features with spells! :)
nice !
i like it when it feels like in front of a 386 again ! :-)
This game looks really interesting... I love the art and style... Finally a game that awakes my desire for adventure!
WOW, its great to see your getting lots done, I have been away for a year and your project is the first I looked for. Looking fantastic. Great work buddy!!

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