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Hey hey

4: Adsense

Check out my few minutes of handiwork on nonpareilstudios.com. More to come!

Also, I like Unity a lot lately. If you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and give it a serious run through.

Dec 21 2011 05:39 PM
Hi, just had a look at your site, and I would suggest making the transition time between pages much much shorter. I found myself clicking links and then waiting for ages to get to the next page which became quite annoying.

Looking forward to seeing what game projects you are working on.
Dec 21 2011 07:43 PM
@Weasalmongler Looks like a wordpress theme, possibly from ThemeForrest?

Also a huge fan of Unity. Not using it on my current project, but the next one I begin will definitely be making use of Unity. Mind if I ask what scripting languages you're using and any corresponding tutorials/books?
Dec 22 2011 08:27 AM
@Weasalmongler: It's not a wordpress theme, the news section of the main page uses my wordpress's RSS for the News category to drive its news postings :P. It takes ages through? It's pretty instantaneous for me. Mind if I ask what browser, operating system, and processor you're on?

@Shanks: C#, no tutorials or books. I just kind of dove in and figured it out. In my 11th year programming now (6th of C# experience, which I use at work 60 hours a week), it's just another software library and toolset, it has high points and low points but overall it's pretty well designed. :)

The model I'm using right now is server/client, where I have a static class persisting through all scenes to handle transactions with my server, and then everything else uses the game object framework tied together in the editor with public fields (traditional unity design it seems)
Dec 22 2011 08:29 AM
Also, it's programmed to take 3.5 seconds between page transitions.
Dec 23 2011 02:11 PM
Looks good! I agree with weasalmongler though. I'd suggest removing the big empty space that's in between pages and cut the transition time at least in half.

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