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Review of 'Bubblez' by AndyEsser

4: Adsense

How the scoring works: I score 0 to 5 points on each topic. Each point is equivalent to 0.5 points on the overall scoring. So each topic can contribute a total of 2.5 points to the overall score of 0 - 10.

A 0 in the field means it's not present at all. A 1 means it is present, but very badly done. A 5 means I can't think of a way to make it much better, it's good enough as is.

0 = Not present at all.
1 = Present, but very badly done
2 = Good attempt, but didn't work too well.
3 = Nothing to talk about, either good or bad.
4 = Really good, but a few flaws in execution.
5 = Excellent, there isn't many ways it could be improved.

Note: This is a harsh scoring mechanism, beause I'm doing it as a fellow developer to give critical feedback to help us all improve our craft, and not just say 'It was good' without explaining *why* it is good. Anything 6 or above is quite good!


"First Time User Experience" - How easy it is for the player to get rolling with your game. Covers installation and communication with the player on how to play the game.

I started the game and there was no main menu.
Instantly I died three times, and got the "Game over" message.
There was no restart button, and most keys I clicked (and mouse presses) did nothing, while escape just closed the game window.
There was no help text, and not even a readme.txt.
It would've helped alot if the tutorial that was planned was actually added to the game.

'First Time User Experience' score: 0

"Graphics & Audio" - Pretty straight forward, do the visuals and sound contribute to or detract from the game?

There was no sound or music; which is unfortunate.

The graphics were decent, but nothing to write home about. I didn't understand why one cloud was transparent, one was only very slightly transparent and the other 2 were completely opaque.

'Graphics and Audio' score: 1.5
Graphics get a '3': Nothing truly to complain of, but nothing spectacular either.
Audio gets a '0': None.
So the 'Graphics and Audio' combined field gets a '1.5'.
"Theme" - How integral is the contest's theme with the game?

The theme wasn't integrated much. If you removed the "theme" from the game, it'd still be the exact same game. The gameplay was not at all affected by the theme.
"Theme" score: 1
More could have been done to integrate the gameplay with the theme.
"Fun Factor" - Is it an enjoyable gaming experience?

It was moderately fun. The randomness of the enemies sometimes made nearly impassible walls because they were so clustered together.
Sometimes the stars would spawn on the far right of the screen, where the enemies come from, and where you can't see the enemies coming, making it very dangerous and unpredictable.

"Fun Factor" score: 3

Total scoring: 3.5

Good job on completing even a half-finished project under such an intense time constraint, AndyEsser. These kind of contests really teach us better prioritizing and time management skills on our future projects by forcing down our throats when the contest is winding down.
Seeing that it's your first contest, you did an excellent job: You actually submitted a working program.
Whatever programming contests don't kill you, only make you stronger. Posted Image

I got to level 8.

Posted Image

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