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Week 'o hell

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Mike Bossy


This week in my day job was all about project reviews. This is where you get to stand up in front of all the big wigs and describe what your team accomplished in the past year, what you're planning on doing in the next year or two and then plead for more resources. In a way it's all about defending your job and the jobs of your team members. I couldn't stop feeling like I was in the movie Office Space talking to the "Bobs" about what we do. All in all the meetings were a success but it was one of those weeks where success is measured with the number of power point slides you make it through instead of doing real work.

The good news is that I did make some more progress on my side project in my mornings that I wasn't presenting. I just crossed the 100 hour mark of logged work. About a third of that has been engine work which will hopefully be used over and over again. My recent additions to the engine have been UI components like tab controls and buttons. Having these objects as objects in the engine means a lot of code reuse which is good in the long run. So far I've kept on track with unit testing all new code. I finally have enough unit tests to be taking a measureable amount of time to run. All my tests combined now take about 0.01 second to run on my laptop! As your can see it's not really slowing down my build process :)

Here's some quick screens of my current project. It's a simple solitaire style game with a blackjack twist. Think Aloha Solitaire with blackjack rules. There are all the usual bonus and power up ideas. Please excuse some of the art since it's all dev art done by me in Gimp. I'm actively looking for an artist to do some real art for me. Goal is 6/1 code complete date and 7/1 art complete being ready to pitch around on 8/1.

Image #1

Image #2

Image #3
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