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PhysFS rocks!!

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Mike Bossy


Really it does. It's a great library that:

A). Just works. Compiled out of the box and works as documented with useful return codes and everything!!!

B). Does exactly what every game needs, packs resources into an archive!

So far I've added loading textures from an archive to my engine, and loading level data from an archive to my game code. It's all cleanly designed so my texture manager just has a new method for loading from an archive instead of from disk. OO is the shiz!!

I still need to add the same for loading wave files and streaming oggs. The steaming bit is the only thing I'm concerned about at the moment but my current game actually doesn't use them anyways so I can punt that work if I need to.

If you need any kind of packing tech check out this library. There really is no need not to. Why re-create the wheel when it's already out there?
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Oooh, I've been looking at PhysFS as a potential thing to play to with. I'm glad it's worked out for you. Once I've finished with my present project I'll see how easy it is to apply.

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Yeah, I agree. It's a very good system. I've had a few problems with it when reading in multiple archives but nothing major.

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