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Just worked on the site today

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There were a few minor issues with the website. One was a bug in file uploads, and the other dealt with style issues. Both issues have been fixed though.

I seem to be averaging about 50 unique visits per day at Playpile. I figure that isn't too bad considering I haven't even invested much time in marketing it. The only thing I have done so far is post to developer forums. For Playpile to be successful, it will need plenty of games, and that is what I'm focusing on.

I'm getting an acceptable amount of submissions right now. I could certainly do more though. I'll just have to work on informing developers about the website. I do have a couple strategies in mind. I've read various books on advertising, and there are actually quite a few things that can be done.

I've been getting some questions about the website here and there. People tend to want to know why I even made the website. People tell me there are other sites out there that list games and they already have more features than I do.

Sure, there are other game searches out there, but most of them are no different than a general web search. I suppose they restrict their listings to only websites that have something to do with games. Though, a majority of it tends to be informational. When I think of a game search, I think of a tool that is going to give me links to games that I can play. When you add in reviews, cheats, faqs, informational pages, articles, and all of that other junk, then you are left with something that produces results similar to a regular search engine. Search results turn into a mess that you have to wade through.

It would be nice to have a simple tool that allows people to look for games to play. I focus totally on the game itself, because that is what is most important. I'm sure some people would wonder why I would not make a distinction between free and purchasable games. Well, doing such a thing would cause a person to overlook games they might be willing to buy or overlook games that are free that they would like to play. Anyway, it would be a hassle to keep track of.

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