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Death to bugs!

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Well I have had a lot of fun lately with coding. I just got newton up and running and its awesome to watch 1000 boxes fall down a hill side!! CPU from what I can tell is going nuts. Wonder if using the second core would help? New territory for me. So with the basic terrain collision in newton working time to add in the car model and get that working.

I downloaded VC++2008 and so far I like it, but having some issues with the debugger version of my engine, will not run. If I use release mode the engine runs fine and will run with debugging. Got me what is wrong.

I had to recompile a static lib for guihcan and now that solved some more bugs I was having!!! YEAH.

So all in all I am pumped and ready to get some more work done. Hope it stays going this well for awhile.

Time for sleep...zzzzz
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