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OpenGL Analog video post-process filter



In order to increase the aesthetics, we looked for tips on the post-processing filter for our engine and came up with the idea of using a VHS / Analog post-processing filter,

Because my teammate had already built OpenGL shaders in the past and that's kind of his hobby, he gave me the link to shadertoy.

This site is amazing! There're a lot of shaders to use as a base we can build on, and it's also 100% web thanks to WebGL.

This shader in particular caught my eye:

It's really cool, and yet there are no VHS artifacts that can really obstruct the players' view .

So I did a little tinkering with JMonkeyEngine and got this result:


I'm really happy with the results.

I could however reduce the blur amount: it can be annoying it it's too high...

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Pretty cool, for something a bit different - I can see how the blur would get annoying though, especially with the scene in motion! :)

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