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Slide Puzzle Widget

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Okay, at this point, there are things I like about Konfabulator widgets, and things I don't.

I like that making them is easy. I like that the environment in which they run is absolutely free. I like that the environment is multi-platform, but I can still reach more people with Flash because Flash runs on linux.

I *don't* like that, should the mood so strike me, I pretty much have no chance of protecting my IP (that I know of, I'd love to be wrong about this, so if you know something, give a holler). Ergo, it is, at the moment, a non-viable platform upon which to make money. Echoes of the Cybiko profit model.

So, the only possible motivation for me to make a widget is because I think widgets are neat, which I do think for now.

But I wouldn't write a book about it.

Or would I?
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There's not enough informtion to fill a whole (decently sized) book is there? Not to mention that sales probably wouldn't be very high... An e-book would be a better solution I think :)... Not that it matters...

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That was a joke, basically playing on the phenomenal flop that was the Cybiko book.


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The money model would probably be to come up with a valuable subscription-based service and just use the widget as a viewer for that service.

Dunno what that would be, though.

Or write a book. Far as I know, you're the only Cybiko developer who found a way to make money at it :)

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The other solution to "sealing" your desktop widget would be to make your widget using Zinc or Screenweaver (see my journal entry) and do it in Flash.

Or use the deluxe version of Stardock's DesktopX product. It'll apparently allow you to make a .EXE out of your widget. Works similarly to Konfabulator.

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