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I've always wanted to learn Russian, but never got around to it.

As for what I'm doing today - hovercraft repairs. [lol] (Really.)

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Any particular reason for picking Russian or was it a just-for-the-hell-of-it choice [grin]

My Dad can speak a bit of Russian, although my explanation will suck, theres something whereby once you've learnt how to pronounce all the letters of the alphabet you can pronounce any word. He used to be able to quite convincingly read Russian text - yet have very little idea what it was he'd be saying [lol]

The special constables... this your new career then? What exactly would you be doing for/with them?

As for what I'm doing today - i'm leaking memory. Lots of memory.

Have fun!

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I purchased a Honda Accord yesterday, and today I'm making sure that it's in good running order. This was after a five hour shift at work this morning. I'm also going to work on C.F.L. a little, read some journals, and probably go to the bar. Thanks for asking by the way, and why Russian, if I may inquire?

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One of my best friends is a Russian exchange student, so I learned alot of Russian from him, although I couldn't quite catch what Rob Loach tried to say past the я at the beginning[grin].

EDIT: Wait I get it now, monkeys.... for shame Rob[grin]

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