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Black-Rook's Journal

Classic RPG #1 - Task 10 (Graphic Revamp)

Posted by Black-Rook, in Classic RPG #1 06 January 2013 · 652 views

Thankfully all the EXP and STATS are completed. Once you level up you have the option of selecting which stat to improve by hitting the appropriate shortcut key. I was considering having mouse control, but sadly it would throw the rest of the game off as there is only keyboard input. You can also reset your stats if you wish to make changes before confirm...

Classic RPG #1 - Task 9 (Exp/Stats)

Posted by Black-Rook, in Classic RPG #1 01 January 2013 · 701 views

Wow! It's 2013 at last!!! Didn't think we would make it, well after Y2K, oh and 2012!! Yes, even a few other proclaimed end of the world bandwagon groups started between that time, but we're still here!Sadly with Christmas, and my time off I didn't spend it programming. Loved the break to be quite honest.Task 9 is very simple, I will program in the experi...

Classic RPG #1 - Task 8 - Update 2 (Towns/Castles Complete)

Posted by Black-Rook, in Classic RPG #1 17 December 2012 · 680 views

It's been so long since my last entry. Sadly with work and other things I've had little to no time lately. The good news is that all towns/castles are now programmed and fully working with menus!

There is not much to show currently, however in the next task there will be a video of combat, leveling up, applying stats, and shopping in town. I...

Sick yet again, progress will resume soon!

Posted by Black-Rook, 24 November 2012 · 525 views

Sadly I've been sick on and off for the last few months. Just now I'm finally feeling better because I'm taking antibiotics. It's been a shame because my Classic RPG # 1 project has been moving along at a much slow rate then I would normally program a project. I'm hoping to get back on course by next week!

I'm also working on...

Classic RPG #1 - Task 8 - Update 1 (Basic Menus)

Posted by Black-Rook, in Classic RPG #1 11 November 2012 · 729 views

Hello everyone!

I've made very basic menus for the towns/castles, ect...

I've posted the images...

Classic RPG #1 - Task 8 (Towns/Castles)

Posted by Black-Rook, in Classic RPG #1 09 November 2012 · 598 views

It's now time to move onto Task 8!

I will be programming the Towns and Castles, adding in some menus to shop and activate your quests.

Task 8 Goals:

- Add Towns and Castles
- Program a screen for each one with their available options (ex. Shop / Quests)
- Remove [S] (Sell) from the Inventory Screen...

Classic RPG #1 - Task 7 - Update 1 (HUD)

Posted by Black-Rook, in Classic RPG #1 04 November 2012 · 728 views

Task 7 is now complete! Sorry for the long delay, I was way too busy to even touch code since my last entry. I also worked out a few other issues with the inventory system as I found a way to duplicate items.

The HUD is very basic as seen below in the three...

Possible iPhone / iPad Development

Posted by Black-Rook, 25 October 2012 · 1,346 views

I've been looking to jump into app development for quite some time now. There are a hand full of applications and game ideas I would like to create and release. However, I'm not willing to purchase an iMac as I'm a Windows user unless it's the only good option.

I did find DragonFireSDK...

Classic RPG #1 - Task 7 (Text Box Replaced)

Posted by Black-Rook, in Classic RPG #1 21 October 2012 · 597 views

Task 7 will mainly be for programming the information dialog to replace the text box.

I have been debating on having the text box removed, and when you put your combat cursor over any given enemy, their information will show. (Current Health, Damage, ect...) on the HUD below.

You will have a Journal anyways for Quest information. The Text Box is really...

Classic RPG #1 - Task 6 - Update 2 (Video)

Posted by Black-Rook, in Classic RPG #1 14 October 2012 · 921 views

Hello everyone!

I've finished programming the inventory system for equipping, removing, and getting loot from enemies!

I've posted a video below:

(Watch in HD - Fullscreen for best viewing)

Thanks for watching! I will be working on a few...

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