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Layers interacting with the editor

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I've been having loads of difficulty getting the "game" part of the code interacting with the "editor" part of the code, but I've finally hit on a decent solution. Such interface-to-system messaging is a problem I usually have with my not-thought-through architectures, but I'm getting better at it... though I still should probably sit down with a few higher-level architectural software engineering books - it'd do me good.

I got layers and floors properly interacting with the editor again today:

Posted Image

I still need to add things like "rename/delete/copy layer", and moving around the order of the layers, but as usual, the logic is all there, just my editor->system code is lacking.

A month or two ago, I re-added zooming in and out to the editor:

Posted Image

And a few weeks ago I re-added tile placement patterns (for placing more than one tile at a time):

Posted Image

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