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I'd like to be a tree

2d art pixel rpg
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I'd like to be a tree I know I haven't posted in a long while. Still working on Of Stranger Flames, but progress has been sporadic. Still optimistic though!
Here's some of the tree art I've been working on:

Attached Image

Alas, this is not a screenshot from within the game, but merely layering the tree components (shadow, trunk, leaves) over each other in a image editor. Because the trunks are separated from the leaves, I can mix and match any of the 19 trunk variations with any of the 10 tree tops in 13 different colors of tops. Hopefully that'll give enough variation for some good forests - most of the French colony in Of Stranger Flames takes place in heavily forested areas, so they need to look good and have enough variation. I'll hopefully animate them just a little in the wind, by slightly rotating the tree tops +-10 degrees.

Oh, I have one of those 'tweetering' accounts now, if'n you care to follow me. I average about 5 twits a week, so I'm not too spammy on your feed. Though I should really increase that to at least twice a day... Sometimes my feed gets filled with a single twitter user tweeting seven or eight times in a row. Posted Image That's not something I want to mimic.

Jun 25 2013 09:14 PM

Looks awesome! I love games which feature forests, especially top-down perspectives. Tree variation can really improve realism a lot.

Jun 27 2013 07:17 AM

Always good to hear about forward progress in game development.

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