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Woa 2016 - End Of Day 2

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Well, this wraps up the end of day 2 for me (more like the beginning of Day 3, since it's 5AM. :wink:)


I felt like I've made some very significant progress, though I'm still nervous because I have alot of known-in-advance time-consuming distractions later in the week that'll heavily eat into programming time.


I've implemented collision, events, dialogue (but it's not written yet), and starting to work on the combat. I think the combat is going to fall into place fairly quickly, but well, famous last words! :D


Here's a fun look at me hackishly hard-coding scripted events into the game:
Posted Image


Thankfully, I scrapped that and quickly slapped together a very basic DSL instead:

MovePlayerTo "(475,2200)"
ShowText (400,2100) 2.5 "Test text"
AddEnemy 1
ShowText (400,2200) 3.0 "This is another test"
The game takes place in a broken down manor-house, which I spent some time on today doing art for.


It's not finished yet, but here's what I got done this morning:
Posted Image


I got a bit more done than that, but it's not visible in this screenshot.


Oh, by the way, the artist left these behind...

Aug 10 2016 06:15 AM
Love the art, as usual! Struggling with events myself right now and may have painted myself in the corner already. Seems like you've assessed the situarion just in time on your end: gratz! Hopefully you get to being your entry up to your standards before RL kicks in: I sure know the feel of that Damocles blade hanging above!
Aug 10 2016 07:51 AM

Ooh, I really am loving the art-style! This is looking more and more interesting. ^_^


Good luck with finding sufficient time for programming! Is there much chance of a prototype appearing soon?

Aug 10 2016 12:09 PM

Thanks for the great encouragement!


I had a bit of insight into the event system yesterday - I was trying to code a battle system, and I realized turn-based battle systems and general event systems can use the same big-picture logic. Post-contest, I'll rewrite it cleaner and use it in my non-contest game project ("Of Stranger Flames").


The general idea is having a list of "tasks" that can themselves insert new tasks into the list, and processing the tasks linearly - a task can run as long as it wants until it decides to end, and can spawn additional tasks bringing them to the front of the list. (i.e. PlayerTurn can spawn EnemyDamaged (enemy animating when taking a hit), and so on).


I need to get combat in, before any prototype. :)

Aug 10 2016 06:18 PM

I need to get combat in, before any prototype. :)


True, and fair enough!

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