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I am Slime!

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Mike Bossy


The only thing worse than a suit is marketing slime. I am not, don't want to be and have never been marketing slime. But after putting together the following video clips for the Intel contest that's exactly what I feel like. I throw around too many standard marketing lines to feel good about myself.

Anyway here are the three 30 second videos I'm planning on submitting for the Intel multi-threaded contest. Not exactly the greatest thing in video production but it was all done with me, Fraps and windows movie maker so you can't expect much.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3
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Not trying to detract from the media, but you might want to use an old audio trick and either wrap a very thin cloth around your mic or even make a small wire frame with pantyhose on it to eliminate the voice pops. Makes it sound more professional. Good job on the viso captures!

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Hope you don't mind the feedback...

Your videos would hold the viewers attention a lot more if there were more screen flicks. Show the cards in a number of different states and keep it changing. Currently you have large chunks of time where you are just staring at the background while you talk and then the cards flick on after a while.

It's always difficult to do this kind of thing, especially with a game that is quite static like cards.


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