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HTML5 devlog #4: 01.09.17 - 08.09.17: Be a part of the community!



PicsWars.io devlog #4: 01.09.17 - 08.09.17: Be a part of the community! 

Hello, gamedev.net! Previously, I've had a devlog on TIGSource, but it didn't seem to be active, so I decided to migrate here. I hope you'll enjoy my content!

This week I’ve finally added a purpose to the game. Now the game is not only about capturing territories for yourself, but it’s also about being a part of the community. Now multiple players can promote the same picture together. That way even if your community’s main player has run out of turns today, you can copy their image and continue capturing the territories.

I hope that this feature will motivate people to unite to dominate the field together.

Other than that, I’ve made several changes to the core code. I have removed some bugs associated with the authentication system. What’s more, the game now opens more smoothly.

I wasn’t able to work on speeding up the game yet, but I will focus on that next week. I’ve made a lot of not wise decisions back when I started the development and now I will have to pay for that :[

Next week, my goals are:

  • Speed the game up by moving the db to the same machine as the backend.
  • Speed the frontend up as well

Thank you for reading so far! I will keep writing devlog every Friday, so stay tuned! I will be very grateful for any feedback too! Check out PicsWars.io at http://picswars.io/?ref=gamedevnet !


P.S. I am open about my development, so here are some links:

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 15.02.07.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.04.25.png


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What an interesting concept! Do you have some sort of filter to try to keep the images safe/clean, or just an honor system and moderation?

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