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    • As my shadow map generation for tessellated terrain failed, I decided to implement this (https://developer.nvidia.com/gpugems/GPUGems3/gpugems3_ch13.html) as my last try. Can anyone help me (the steps) to implement that in D3D11? Pls...
    • Hi! I have always liked the concept of writing my own work. From my middleschool pop songs written while getting a grasp of the piano to my planned concept album in the works, the need of creative output has always been there. Parallell to this I have also been a huge fan of video games and particulary video game music. Although I have not always had the time to play I still try to keep myself up to date regarding the industry and what new games are releasing. My biggest inspiration when it comes to game music I would say is Koji Kondo and his simple yet timeless melodies. Outside of that my musical references span from soul to modern pop to jazz or even classical music. I produce myseft and am a fan of music production of all kinds. I like experimenting with diferent soundscapes and all kinds of ambience. More than that I am experinced with musical theory and harmony while still valuing a good melody the most.   Genres I would like to compose for: (anything really, always up for a challenge), Adventure games, RPG's, singelplayer in generall   My soundcloud, with the first steps towards an album (quite frequently updated);    Music I wrote a couple of years ago (some pieces are quite influenced by VG music, also note the lesser production value): http://pocketband.net/song/166783240 , http://pocketband.net/song/162594038
    • Well, yes, the question does not seem very clear to me. The way that I'm reading this is that you have a lot of objects (particles) which should have about 10 parameters that are unique per object (random), but constant during object liftime, and you want to avoid storing all 10. Is that right? If so, then having a noise function and regenerating parameters whenever you need them is certainly a viable option. It adds some overhead, compared to just storing values, but decent noise function can be pretty fast. Then you just generate random value based on object's id and an index of a parameter, something like get_noise(obj_id*16+parameter_id). You can of course use stateful RNG (noise function is stateless), either per object, or globally stored, but is there any reason to? I once started a topic on noise functions, which may contain some useful links:   The http://marc-b-reynolds.github.io/shf/2016/04/19/prns.html library has several nice functions. Also there are several posts by Jonathan Blow on similar topic (he did go with a (seekable) stateful RNG, not that I can see a good reason why): http://number-none.com/blow/blog/programming/2016/07/07/braid_particles_1.html http://number-none.com/blow/blog/programming/2016/07/08/fabian-on-lcg-fast-forward.html http://number-none.com/blow/blog/programming/2016/07/13/braid_particles_2.html   If you need float from a noise function that returns an integer, that is easy too. For example: // Returns a random float, uniformly distributed in [0; 1). float get_rnd_float(uint32_t seed) { uint32_t bits=get_rng_uint32(seed); bits=bits&0x000FFFFFFu; // 2^24-1, 24 being float's precision (i. e. full mantissa size, including implicit bit). float ret=float(int32_t(bits)); // int->float may be faster than uint->float. ret*=5.96046448e-8f; // 2^{-24}. return ret; }    
    • I like your music! Very good job on the Battlespace trailer as well.
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