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  1. GameDev Challenges

    Participate in friendly GameDev Challenges and expand your skills in game development.

    Moderator: Admin, Moderator, Senior Moderator
  2. GDNet+ Member Forum

    Forum available to all GDNet+ members.

  3. GDNet Lounge

    Chat about anything you feel like, but keep it mature and civil. It does not have to be about game development, but it should be about something; i.e. don't post JUST to post.

    Moderator: Admin, Moderator, Staff, Senior Moderator
  4. GDNet Comments, Suggestions, and Ideas

    Please let us know your thoughts, questions, and ideas for the website by creating a thread for discussion here.

    Problems should be reported through the Support system, accessible through your Profile menu.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Moderator: Admin, Moderator, Staff, Senior Moderator
  5. Coding Horrors

    Discuss software design issues, quirky things you've found, poor approaches to problems, code your co-workers wrote, code you yourself wrote and wondered what you were thinking, elegant problem solutions (to flip things around), design patterns, etc.

    Moderator: JTippetts
  6. Your Announcements

    Welcome to Your Announcements

    While the Your Announcements forum is here, GameDev.net offers additional ways to get the word out.

    News - Do you have a tool, library, art, asset pack, or something else that would be of interest to developers? Then submit it to our news channel at https://www.gamedev.net/news/?do=form

    Projects - Use GameDev.net Projects to showcase, make announcements, and more for your project and development team. Learn more at https://www.gamedev.net/projects/about.

    Use Your Announcements to make your web site or game project known to everyone. If you're going to spam our board, this is the place to do it - but we still recommend using GameDev.net Projects!

    Moderator: jbadams
  7. Hobby Project Classifieds

    Are you working on a project in your spare time and looking for people to join your team? Looking to join another team? This is the forum for you.

    Moderator: khawk, jbadams
  8. Indie Showcase


    While the Indie Showcase forum is here, we encourage all developers to use GameDev.net's Projects area where you can showcase your projects, make announcements, integrate your development blog, and more for your projects and development team.

    Learn more at https://www.gamedev.net/projects/about.


    Moderator: Moderator, Staff, Senior Moderator
  9. Article Writing

    Add your ideas for articles you'd either like to write or would love to see. This forum is inspiration central for potential contributors. Also discuss broader topic categories you'd like to see more time spent on and ideas to continue to grow our article library.

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