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Ludum Dare preparations!

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For the first time since forever I managed to notice that Ludum Dare is incoming couple weeks ahead (it's 14th-17th of december). To prepare for it, I want to brush up my skills. To be exact, I decided to write 7 games from 7 different genres in 7 days (of after work time, so not really much more than 8 hours/game).

Yeah, that seems insane, but I don't mind not finishing all of them that much, I only want to refresh my tool knowledge. I thought about using SFML 2.0, but I think I'll settle on Unity3D for this Ludum Dare, as I'm giving a presentation on it in the same week, so quick games written in it will help me with recalling what's what. As for games, I decided to list the genres in difficulty order, and process with them that way, so I'll have easier time at first, when I won't recall that much of Unity, and more complicated things near the end of the week.

The genres are:
- Shoot'em'up
- Platformer
- Puzzle game
- Racing game
- Dungeon Crawler
- Adventure game
- Strategy game

That should cover broad enough spectrum to prepare me for creation of pretty much anything I'll dream up for the Ludum Dare.

Wish me luck, guys!

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Dec 03 2012 07:46 AM
good luck.

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