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7 games in 7 days, day 2 finished

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7 games in 7 days, day 2 finished Second day of my challenge finished. I have done a simple 'run to the right, press button to jump over obstacles' game. I didn't have that much time today, so I'm finishing my day at 2:40 am. Not that great, need more sleep.

Today there was a lot of drawing (animating the main character - squirrel, drawing tiles and objects). It wasn't that hard, nor did I try really really hard, but it ate about half of my work time. I don't think it's that awful, for the time spent and my utter lack of drawing skills. I quite like the ground tile, and the Squirrel animation ain't that bad.

First code was the parallax effect/level display. It was done by dividing objects into 3 speed groups, with front one moving fastest, and the furthest away one moving the slowest. Quite standard stuff. Then I took my tiled animation of the squirrel, and wrote quick-and-dirty sprite animation system. I have noticed that the scaling produces some ugly results, and causes some animation frames to 'bleed' into another one. But honestly, it's good enough for now. After that was done, I've plugged in Rigid Bodies everywhere, and was good to go. Couple collisions added, one particle effect for fancy death, and the game was done.

It's here if you want to give it a go. Control/Space Bar jumps the squirrel. There aren't any other controls. Try to survive as long as possible and eat acorns as you do, for more points.

State of the list is as follows:

- Shoot'em'up - done
- Platformer - done
- Puzzle game
- Racing game
- Dungeon Crawler
- Adventure game
- Strategy game

Next up, Puzzle game. It'll most likely just be Tetris. But hey, a game is a game is a game is a game. And I bet I'll learn something new.

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Dec 05 2012 09:59 AM
I have been thinking to make a really quick platformer to demonstrate some 2d animation software I'm working on. It's all in my head since the animation software isn'tquite ready yet, but the first idea I came up with was to use a squirrel as well! Haha!

This is really cool what you're doing.
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