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Ludum Dare #25, Post 1: Let’s get rolling!

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Ludum Dare #25, Post 1: Let’s get rolling! This was gonna be hard. I woke up at 3 am, and noticed that the theme chosen was one of the few I've downvoted. But I wasn't going to let go that easy. Welcome to Reviving Necromancer Roaring Rampage of Revenge (title pending)

So, I started dissecting the 'you are a villain' theme. Just what IS a villain?

-Somebody out to cause harm to good people, your cliche 'do it for the evulz' villain'
-Somebody viewed from nonstandard angle (like humans in Bambi. they're unseen, evil monsters that cause pain to forest life)
-Somebody could have been a villain in a past and now is righting wrongs, and trying to make good of his life
-Sometimes you have to choose between two lesser evils, and that can make you a villain in eyes of observers
-Maybe somebody is out for revenge for their beloved ones, and he crosses the moral event horizon, becomes what he was fighting (think Punisher)
-And lastly, maybe he's just branded 'villain' by the governing forces, like Rebellion in Star Wars

I decided to go for the last one. It's easy enough for king and his lords to brand somebody dabbling in the dark arts a villain, and superstitious villagers will easily believe that.

Well, that's the story at least. What about the game itself? I didn't get to finish my 7 games in 7 days warmup challenge (done only 6 games, and as those of you who followed it know, I had to do some work stuff, because suddenly a deadline at work reared its ugly head), so I decided that my Ludum Dare entry will be the unofficial 7th game. My temporary graphics look quite similar to my 6th Game, Dungeon Crawler, as there is a limitation I gave myself: use only VIC II (Commodore 64 graphics chipset) colours. There's only 16 of them, and that's quite limiting in how many different, say, bricks I can draw. Here's the palette I'm working with:

Posted Image

As for the game, it will be a squad based tactics/strategy game, akin to XCOM and Laser Squad. Look out for future updates, and hope you'll enjoy them!

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good luck=-)!

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