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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in GDNet 23 September 2011 · 325 views

weekend reading
Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 9/16 - 9/23

Featured GDNet+ Posted Image Journal Entry

Writing Web Games - Battagline has put the wraps on Mathjong (check out the web version) and has also released a Chrome version to the Google Web Store, saying he's found this to be effective in capturing some additional users. He's looking to port over to a Motorola Xoom tablet next

Featured Member Journal Entry

Journal of mikeman - mikeman takes a rather humbling approach to figuring out what kind of game he wants to work on for his next project. In addition to laying out some of the details on the new project, he explains why it's different to work on a game you can make versus working on a game you'd like to make. It's insight like this that can decide before you even start whether you will succeed or fail.

New Journal Land scribes this week: LewisMCampbell and Viscis!

Project Updates

  • Journal of matt_j Posted Image - welcome back matt_j hope you know where to locate the Journal Land wrapups now, at least. Dear everyone else: check out matt_j's game Spectre which has been out in the App Store and could use some lovin. He also lets us know a new game is in production. Looking forward to more details
  • DaedalusK71's Journal - DaedalusK71 has had some sobering times with his recent projects but realizes it's all part of learning. One is that he's found application of a skill can be more difficult than acquiring it and two he's discovered that online teams spread globally can have trouble keeping up communication.
  • Web by Day, Games by Night. - zerotri ponders his RTS concept where he is trying to make the player more attached to their units rather than having the player detached and just building masses of units to send out and get slaughtered. He lays down some ideas on how he's thinking of tackling this concept and is looking for feedback
  • Development of Vegetables at War - SuperMaximo93 has been working on pathfinding and making a map editor but also talks in-depth about the scheduling ability he gave his AI entities that he based off the Think function found in the Source engine
  • One man show - ne0_kamen has modeled a new robot for Robica and has some new footage of it in action
  • Journal of Matt328 - Matt328 has an update to his deferred renderer, which now sports the addition of a directional light. Screenshots included as well as an overview of the light changes
  • StarDust DevLog - KaRei talks about the two methods he looked into to get blended object sorting up and running for StarDust: STL map and BSP trees
  • Under a ShadowyTree Posted Image - Black Knight points to some Nightfall updates posted on the Facebook page and also reveals the game he's released through the day job - Dirty Dancing
  • IMPACT Engine Development Blog - jonbonazza has a first revision UML class diagram of the IMPACT Engine posted to give everyone an idea as to the direction of the engine
  • kseh's blog - kseh has dropped the Flash game mini-reviews for now to get back to work on some side projects. He talks about his project to procedurally generate a house floorplan, mentions a weather simulator project, but also discusses why he's dropped them and is looking to move on once again
  • Journal of Aardvajk Posted Image - Aardvajk talks in some detail about the reference counted garbage collection system he's added to his VM at the suggestion of ApochPiQ
  • Jemgine - Deyja goes over several features of Jemgine's DevjaScript and has examples as to their implementation, with an attached file of the latest DS build
Game Dev Stuffs

  • New Old Things - Endurion's latest step in building his Commodore 64 game is to add name entry so you can have it display next to your score in the high score table
  • LoreHunter's Journal - LoreHunter mentions some gaming mags he likes, gives props to the CryEngine and Maya for being his all-in-one game dev solution and expresses a rather... carefree opinion about outsourcing as an artist
  • RedPin's Game Jorunal - RedPin talks about the freemium market and how he has worked that into his project, which will be released for free
  • After Hours - and Then Some - latent shares some thoughts on being a lone-wolf indie and how it can appear to others that you're working on your project with a one-track mind when you're really changing mental tracks quite often to cover all the various aspects of developing a game by yourself or even in collaboration with others. The point is that if you burn out on programming there's always some business or art or marketing that needs to be done you can switch attention to.
  • IfThen Software LLC - InvisibleMan has done some research to answer the question: "If a scalar (not superscalar) processor has multiple nonredundant functional units (a single FPU and a single ALU for example) and it issues an instruction to the FPU at a certain clock tick, could it issue another instruction to the ALU at the next clock tick so that both the FPU and the ALU are executing at the same time (lets say that FPU instructions take longer to execute than ALU instructions)? Or would that make the processor superscalar?"
  • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ continues to look into and explain the error handling systems he has in place and is working on developing for his Epoch language
  • Yckx's GameDev Journal - yckx has thrown up some code that exposes a flaw in his entity/component system. He came up with a partial fix but is still looking for something cleaner if anyone has suggestions
  • Chronicles of the Hieroglyph Posted Image - Jason Z has started a new series in which he discusses the new features of D3D 11.1, in this post in particular he focuses on utilize unordered access views (UAVs)
  • Betable's Journal - TylerBetable let's the community know that Betable is sponsoring the Hackathon at the HTML5 Developers Conference and is also running an HTML 5 contest that could net you a trip to Vegas and $10,000
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Kinda sad that the only thing that brings me back here is the content provided by the users...
wait what? Why? That's what this site has only ever been about!
What is sad about that? The best content has always come from the users.
This site is about users? We get a small corner that changes. Paid avertisers get a bigger one that does not change.
When I load this site from an arbitrary machine, I see the same paid advertising, then I notice that the users posted something. That is what I see.
id like to see user content take a bigger share of the front page, and failing that, id like to see dynamic content, and that is not the same animated advertisement i saw 12 minutes ago - if you can't draw more advertisers, what's wrong?
I'd be far more prolific if I thought people actually saw my stuff outside of a 5 minute window on the front page :P
I'd like to see recent posts link more prominent, etc.<br>